Good Will to Men?

On Christmas Eve 1968, astronaut William Anders captured the iconic “Earthrise” photograph, the first shot of Earth from the moon’s horizon.     Fifty years ago today, astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and William Anders became the first humans to leave earth to orbit the moon on the historic Apollo 8 space mission. Apollo 8’s […]


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Say it to my Face.

“Say it to my face!” It was a threat I heard on occasion from elementary school bullies – and okay, sometimes it was well-deserved when my then-fiery temper got the best of me (but those are other stories for other days). But I never heard it as an invitation until two nights ago. The invite […]

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Divine Inhalation

All my moisture-wicking t-shirts had been lying on my bed for a week. The overstock sale of Lärabars at Target were a godsend. I splurged on individually wrapped allergy meds.  I was packing for Guatemala. Adventure and stress were in the air because I was determined to fit everything I needed (plus everything’s backup) into […]

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Renaming God

By the time I attained the ripe age of eight, I had a root of bitterness in my soul: I didn’t have a nickname. And I wanted one. All the other kids at school had one. Those three-syllabled names like “Jessica” and “Christopher” and “Cassandra” got all the truncating action. Who wants to make a […]

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Makeup and Decibels

  The first time I tried acting outside of a church play was for Fine Arts Festival, the Assemblies of God festival for youth to discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts. Let’s just say I jumped into the acting thing at the “discovery” stage. Fresh out of the manger scene from the previous Christmas […]

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Stone Books

The first assignment in English class my senior year of high school was to design my own tombstone. Disbelieving laughter skittered through the classroom. “Just draw it out and bring it tomorrow,” the teacher instructed, “and you’ll present it to the class.” My teacher started fielding questions about cremation and the legitimacy of this assignment […]

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The Other Side of Fog-Driving

I journaled this on the day that I quit my job and decided, after months of prayer, to move for the third time this year. Jobless, soon to be homeless, and praying for finances to enter a graduate program, I came home after my last day at work and jotted down the following revelation. Now, […]

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